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Ooh! I'm excited! I finally learned how to do an lj cut! I've never been able to do that before! :D


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Uh, ok, so seeing as I spend most of my time on live-journal on The Question Club, I should probable put something into my journal. :/ So I'm going to try to write five sentences a day for three days in a row. :) Not including these intro sentences because that would be cheating. :(

So, the last of my finals for the first semester of being a junior are tomorrow and I hope they go well. Especially my algebra 2 final. I bombed my last test and that did not help my grade at all. I went from a C+ to a very low D. :( But, other than my math, I think I'll do well.
So, on Saturday morning I'm going to go back to Missouri for a few days for Christmas and I get to spend time with my mom on Sunday and Monday. :)

I hope things go well at my mom's place. I stopped calling it home when she told me she didn't love me anymore, but I still miss it. It will be good too be back and be able to explore the woods. I really kinda hate living in the city. It's never dead silent. And I miss that alot.

Well, I think I said all I can for right now. I might post later. See ya guys. :)

spiral, flight rising, dragon

Um. First entry ever. Yay?

So... This is what it's like putting one's thoughts down on virtual paper. Pretty cool stuff. So I'm ocasionalwriter and this is my domain. I don't know if anybody is ever going to read this meaningless dribble that I spew out. So I guess I should say a little about myself. I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm a bit of a brainiac. I'm on the local cross country team and I'm gonna have fun the first few days seeing as I haven't run all summer long. I think I'm going to die from the shock of not running at all to running anywhere from 5 to 7 miles a day, five times a week. And i'm going to go though withdrawal of soda because my coach doesn't let us drink anything but water, coffee, and Gatorade. And he wouldn't normally let us drink coffee but he knows that he's working with teenagers and if he took away everything he'd be left with total anarchy.
Well enough about my track woes, and on to my school woes. I personaly can't wait for school to start because it's so much fun. It will be my second year in the public school system, (having been a home-schooler my whole life people think I'm kinda weird) and I'm anticipating all the report cards and I hope to make the honor role both semesters this year, (but that's not likely because I'm gonna be on the cross country team) and kick major butt in geometry. My dad has been making me do algebra 2 all summer long so I can (maybe) test out of my junior class math and do something else (like trigonometry). It's been absolute torture. While I like everything else about school, I hate, positivly hate math. I think geometry is a little more bearable than regular math, but it still sucks.
Anyway I've got to get going, I've got to do some Facebook and check the math lesson my dad gave me. Oh how I hate Saxxon math. Thankfully I didn't have to do two lessons today. But anyway, like I said. Got to go. I might right some more tomorrow, but as my name suggests, I'm not very good at keeping up a journaley thing. Ciao.

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